Rachel Glaxner – Active Student

Rachel Glaxner is an active and dedicated student currently undertaking a Dietetics and Nutrition internship at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A hard working and athletically talented track star, Rachel is taking full advantage of every opportunity to make her future a bright one.

Rachel Glaxner

Rachel Glaxner

To Rachel Glaxner, running track has always been an important aspect of her life. Since childhood, she engaged in track and field, often finishing in the top positions. At a high school parish track meet in 2008, she broke high school records in various hurdles events, and was named the girls MVP of the track meet. In 2009 and 2010, her impressive sprinting ability earned her team MVP awards for South Terebonne High School. Her excellent record both on the field and in the classroom caught the eye of Nicholls State University, who in 2011 offered her a track scholarship.

Even at university, Rachel Glaxner continued with her hardworking nature towards track and academics. Off the field, she kept busy through commitments with various student associations, including the Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition, as well as working fulltime as a bartender and waitress at local restaurants. In the summer months, she competed at various fitness competitions, which helped to raise her profile as a personal fitness and nutrition coach.
Currently on track to undertake her master’s degree in 2015, Rachel Glaxner hopes to become a registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, which will enable her establish a private practice. If all goes well, she may run her own gym, which will enable her continue to help clients accomplish their fitness goals.

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