Rachel Glaxner – Make the Most of College

As a recent Dietetics and Nutrition graduate from Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana – and currently planning to undertake a master’s degree – Rachel Glaxner is grateful for being able to take her academic ambitions this far. She knows that many individuals wish to go further than high school but often cannot due to numerous reasons. For Rachel, the motivation is to make the most of her opportunity and ensure she achieves her ambitions.

Below, she shares what she thinks college students should do to ensure they make the most of their time.

Rachel Glaxner

Manage time wisely

Time is a limited resource and cannot be regained once it is wasted. College affords students a lot of freedom, and wise students are those that make good use of this freedom. For Rachel, keeping busy in volunteer work, track and field practice, and waitress responsibilities ensured that every minute of her college was well spent. Like her, college students should prioritize their tasks in order to spend time on the activities that return benefits.

Take up extracurricular activities

While academic studies should be given first priority, there will always be opportunities to engage in other beneficial extracurricular activities. Colleges often have numerous clubs, societies and associations that students can join to interact, share knowledge, and learn from.

Learn from mistakes

College life is also a time where students live adventurously (and sometimes on the edge). Of course, not every fun activity ends up being beneficial, and the worst thing is to ignore any lessons that life teaches you.


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