What can a Dietitian and Nutritionist Do

If you are looking to help people achieve their goals of living a healthy lifestyle, then a Dietitian and Nutritionist degree would be the one for you. A recent graduate, Rachel Glaxner, is a new holder of this degree. She graduated just this last year and is now working as a fitness instructor, and she uses her knowledge of diet plans and correct nutrition to prepare healthy meal plans for both herself and other people. This is a job that will give you some freedom and the ability to help people.

When a dietitian is registered and able to work in the field, they are there to help people come up with a diet plan to help them with either losing weight or getting healthy. Some people need to know how to eat to keep certain ailments at bay, or perhaps they are on a special diet for disorders such as Celiac Disease or Lactose intolerance.

Rachel GlaxnerFor people who need to lose weight, dietitians can set up eating plans for people that focus on certain aspects of diet that focus on certain areas of the body. For instance if you want to gain muscle mass, they would tell you exactly what to eat to help your muscles get the nutrition they need to grow.

Even if you do not use the degree to start your practice, you can certainly use it for yourself and your family. Knowing how to eat and keep a healthy lifestyle is certainly important for anyone and being an expert in it is very helpful for you.

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