Rachel Glaxner – Developing Talent

Some talents seem to be a natural part of certain individuals. Such is the case when you are speaking about native abilities in athletics, academics, or any number of disciplines. But inborn talent can usually grow, given the right principles and methods.

Rachel Glaxner

      Rachel Glaxner

This is true of almost any situation, and what people need to realize is that there are different ways to discover and nurture those talents that you seek to grow to their fullest. One important element of developing talent is to discover those activities that are in question in the first place. This means that you have to try things out. If you think about doing this in art, for instance, you should try different classes, workshops, and events in whatever form of art you think you may want to try.

You should also have the confidence to know that when you are trying, there is no need to be perfect. In the case of an individual who is trying a new sport or athletic activity such as bodybuilding, there is a lot to learn and you are only trying to get your feet wet and develop skills at first. Next, the individual must persist with the principle of self-evaluation. This persistence is executed through the element of practice. Practice allows people to master techniques and improve efforts in a progressively more challenging environment.

Rachel Glaxner is a young woman of many talents. She is well educated and focus on helping others and her future career as a dietitian and nutritionist.


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