Shooting for Success

Most of us are taught from the time they are young that it is important to get good grades over the course of their education. This is set up so that those who get better grades will wind up with more options the further they get in their education. With the door open to better colleges, better grad schools, and eventually good jobs, the future is bright. This is due to the fact that good grades are all that an individual has to show when they first enter the workforce.

Rachel GlaxnerDoing well in school is very helpful to beginning a career. It also provides evidence that the individual will duplicate those efforts in the workplace. The thing to know about hard work and education is that everyone has the capacity for success. What makes a difference in the big picture is whether they capitalize on the opportunities that are presented to them.

The world is filled with business leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals who have learned things the hard way and are willing to share their experiences with others. One of the things that commonly comes up is the element of failure. Failure is a matter of perspective. Some of the greatest accomplishments in human history were preceded by a string of failures. The act of feeling is where the majority of growth occurs. Those among us who are the most successful are not afraid to experience failure, and they are mentally set to learn and move on.

Rachel Glaxner is an emerging professional in the field of dietetics and nutrition. She has accomplished great things in her academic career and is poised to take on big challenges in the future.


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