Working Out – Easy Does It

Most people understand the many benefits of working out. It is great not only for general health, it is great for mind and body. Millions of people start new workout routines nearly every single day. However, nobody anticipates that they will get injured when they are working out. That is why it is such a shock when most people discover that at least one time in their journey to fitness, they will probably endure an injury of some kind.

Rachel GlaxnerSome simple steps can help you prevent injury. Of course, bad luck can strike anywhere, but you can stack the odds in your favor with just a bit of habit and foresight. The first that in preventing injuries while working out is taking a period of time to warm up. Not doing so is one of the biggest mistakes that people make. A proper warm-up increases core temperature, raises metabolism, and prepares the joints for the actual workout. Moderate cardio, stretching, and light lifting are all that is required to nail down a proper warm-up.

Stretching is critical, and it should be done before and after a workout. This is because stretching lengthens the muscles and prevents shortening in their composure. The cumulative effect of not stretching can impede movement, put stress on joints, ligaments and other muscle groups.

Rachel Glaxner is a trainer of athletes who encourages people to start out with a comfortable routine. This applies to the exercise that they do, its duration, and the amount of resistance that is utilized. It also applies to proper warm-up and cool down techniques.


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