Staying Motivated

It is said that with the right mindset and motivation, you can accomplish anything. In order to achieve great things we must work hard, have goals, and strive toward them. One of the key elements in this challenge is sustaining motivation. It is a task that can be tough regardless of the circumstances.

Rachel GlaxnerWith a proper approach, motivation can be broken down into some very tangible steps. The first is to define a goal and plan it out in the most exacting detail possible. This will help you visualize and even sense the feeling and knowledge that you have accomplished your goal. The next thing that people will do is to make a list of the reasons that they wish to accomplish their goal. This gives people solid ground on which to motivate themselves. Breaking down these goals into intermediary steps and rewards are important to keeping up motivation along the way.

Of course, you cannot plan everything. There are challenges that can be expected. Again, implementing strategies and foresight for the inevitable is critical towards maintaining that motivational edge. You must have a strategy but must also be prepared to change course in some way. You should also integrate accessing as much help as you need throughout your goal program. We are human, and we should also do some type of planning on how to deal with those times when you need a boost in motivation.

Rachel Glaxner has worked hard towards her education and plans to work just as hard in her professional career. She would add that such a program requires a continual re-emphasis and evaluation.


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