Staying Motivated

It is said that with the right mindset and motivation, you can accomplish anything. In order to achieve great things we must work hard, have goals, and strive toward them. One of the key elements in this challenge is sustaining motivation. It is a task that can be tough regardless of the circumstances.

Rachel GlaxnerWith a proper approach, motivation can be broken down into some very tangible steps. The first is to define a goal and plan it out in the most exacting detail possible. This will help you visualize and even sense the feeling and knowledge that you have accomplished your goal. The next thing that people will do is to make a list of the reasons that they wish to accomplish their goal. This gives people solid ground on which to motivate themselves. Breaking down these goals into intermediary steps and rewards are important to keeping up motivation along the way.

Of course, you cannot plan everything. There are challenges that can be expected. Again, implementing strategies and foresight for the inevitable is critical towards maintaining that motivational edge. You must have a strategy but must also be prepared to change course in some way. You should also integrate accessing as much help as you need throughout your goal program. We are human, and we should also do some type of planning on how to deal with those times when you need a boost in motivation.

Rachel Glaxner has worked hard towards her education and plans to work just as hard in her professional career. She would add that such a program requires a continual re-emphasis and evaluation.


Working Out – Easy Does It

Most people understand the many benefits of working out. It is great not only for general health, it is great for mind and body. Millions of people start new workout routines nearly every single day. However, nobody anticipates that they will get injured when they are working out. That is why it is such a shock when most people discover that at least one time in their journey to fitness, they will probably endure an injury of some kind.

Rachel GlaxnerSome simple steps can help you prevent injury. Of course, bad luck can strike anywhere, but you can stack the odds in your favor with just a bit of habit and foresight. The first that in preventing injuries while working out is taking a period of time to warm up. Not doing so is one of the biggest mistakes that people make. A proper warm-up increases core temperature, raises metabolism, and prepares the joints for the actual workout. Moderate cardio, stretching, and light lifting are all that is required to nail down a proper warm-up.

Stretching is critical, and it should be done before and after a workout. This is because stretching lengthens the muscles and prevents shortening in their composure. The cumulative effect of not stretching can impede movement, put stress on joints, ligaments and other muscle groups.

Rachel Glaxner is a trainer of athletes who encourages people to start out with a comfortable routine. This applies to the exercise that they do, its duration, and the amount of resistance that is utilized. It also applies to proper warm-up and cool down techniques.

Shooting for Success

Most of us are taught from the time they are young that it is important to get good grades over the course of their education. This is set up so that those who get better grades will wind up with more options the further they get in their education. With the door open to better colleges, better grad schools, and eventually good jobs, the future is bright. This is due to the fact that good grades are all that an individual has to show when they first enter the workforce.

Rachel GlaxnerDoing well in school is very helpful to beginning a career. It also provides evidence that the individual will duplicate those efforts in the workplace. The thing to know about hard work and education is that everyone has the capacity for success. What makes a difference in the big picture is whether they capitalize on the opportunities that are presented to them.

The world is filled with business leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals who have learned things the hard way and are willing to share their experiences with others. One of the things that commonly comes up is the element of failure. Failure is a matter of perspective. Some of the greatest accomplishments in human history were preceded by a string of failures. The act of feeling is where the majority of growth occurs. Those among us who are the most successful are not afraid to experience failure, and they are mentally set to learn and move on.

Rachel Glaxner is an emerging professional in the field of dietetics and nutrition. She has accomplished great things in her academic career and is poised to take on big challenges in the future.

Rachel Glaxner – Developing Talent

Some talents seem to be a natural part of certain individuals. Such is the case when you are speaking about native abilities in athletics, academics, or any number of disciplines. But inborn talent can usually grow, given the right principles and methods.

Rachel Glaxner

      Rachel Glaxner

This is true of almost any situation, and what people need to realize is that there are different ways to discover and nurture those talents that you seek to grow to their fullest. One important element of developing talent is to discover those activities that are in question in the first place. This means that you have to try things out. If you think about doing this in art, for instance, you should try different classes, workshops, and events in whatever form of art you think you may want to try.

You should also have the confidence to know that when you are trying, there is no need to be perfect. In the case of an individual who is trying a new sport or athletic activity such as bodybuilding, there is a lot to learn and you are only trying to get your feet wet and develop skills at first. Next, the individual must persist with the principle of self-evaluation. This persistence is executed through the element of practice. Practice allows people to master techniques and improve efforts in a progressively more challenging environment.

Rachel Glaxner is a young woman of many talents. She is well educated and focus on helping others and her future career as a dietitian and nutritionist.

Getting Started with Weight Training

For many individuals, starting on a weight training program can be difficult to find the beginning. Questions as to how many reps one should perform, the perfect exercise, and the correct weight to begin with always abounding with beginners. Thus, knowing the basics comes in handy for developing a solid workout program. A longtime personal fitness and nutrition coach, Rachel Glaxner, a personal fitness instructor, has occasionally dealt with clients who wish to begin resistance training but lack knowledge on the basics.

Rachel GlaxnerAdd more weight to build more lean muscle tissue. This is one of the first things to remember. You need to load more weight than your body muscles are used to (with limits of course). The level at which to start with regards to weight depends on a few factors; including the individual’s prior experience in lifting weights and their goals. By increasing the amount of weight lifted, the muscles can respond in a positive way that enables them grow.

Resting is just as important as working out. Thus, individuals are often encouraged to incorporate rest days into their workouts to give the muscles a period to recover and grow. To see positive change and avoid hitting performance plateaus, it is important to increase the intensity of the exercise slowly over time. This can be accomplished by increasing the weight lifted, the number of reps/sets performed, and changing the form of resistance training. Changes can be made as the individual adapts to the weights and exercises, or regularly in weekly/monthly intervals.

What can a Dietitian and Nutritionist Do

If you are looking to help people achieve their goals of living a healthy lifestyle, then a Dietitian and Nutritionist degree would be the one for you. A recent graduate, Rachel Glaxner, is a new holder of this degree. She graduated just this last year and is now working as a fitness instructor, and she uses her knowledge of diet plans and correct nutrition to prepare healthy meal plans for both herself and other people. This is a job that will give you some freedom and the ability to help people.

When a dietitian is registered and able to work in the field, they are there to help people come up with a diet plan to help them with either losing weight or getting healthy. Some people need to know how to eat to keep certain ailments at bay, or perhaps they are on a special diet for disorders such as Celiac Disease or Lactose intolerance.

Rachel GlaxnerFor people who need to lose weight, dietitians can set up eating plans for people that focus on certain aspects of diet that focus on certain areas of the body. For instance if you want to gain muscle mass, they would tell you exactly what to eat to help your muscles get the nutrition they need to grow.

Even if you do not use the degree to start your practice, you can certainly use it for yourself and your family. Knowing how to eat and keep a healthy lifestyle is certainly important for anyone and being an expert in it is very helpful for you.

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Rachel Glaxner – Make the Most of College

As a recent Dietetics and Nutrition graduate from Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana – and currently planning to undertake a master’s degree – Rachel Glaxner is grateful for being able to take her academic ambitions this far. She knows that many individuals wish to go further than high school but often cannot due to numerous reasons. For Rachel, the motivation is to make the most of her opportunity and ensure she achieves her ambitions.

Below, she shares what she thinks college students should do to ensure they make the most of their time.

Rachel Glaxner

Manage time wisely

Time is a limited resource and cannot be regained once it is wasted. College affords students a lot of freedom, and wise students are those that make good use of this freedom. For Rachel, keeping busy in volunteer work, track and field practice, and waitress responsibilities ensured that every minute of her college was well spent. Like her, college students should prioritize their tasks in order to spend time on the activities that return benefits.

Take up extracurricular activities

While academic studies should be given first priority, there will always be opportunities to engage in other beneficial extracurricular activities. Colleges often have numerous clubs, societies and associations that students can join to interact, share knowledge, and learn from.

Learn from mistakes

College life is also a time where students live adventurously (and sometimes on the edge). Of course, not every fun activity ends up being beneficial, and the worst thing is to ignore any lessons that life teaches you.